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Cyber ​​Monday is the best time to buy a new TV on sale, and you don’t have to wait until the big day to get huge discounts on some of the best sets we’ve tested. The amazing LG C2 is already on sale at its lowest price, saving you hundreds of dollars no matter what size you are.

A stunning 4K OLED TV

The LG C2 OLED is one of our favorite TVs, offering great picture quality and a fast interface. It’s currently the cheapest it’s ever been.

LG’s latest premium OLED is on sale at both Best Buy and Amazon in a variety of sizes, from $896 for the 42-inch model (a $400 savings) to $4,000 for the colossal 83-inch model. $1,300 off).

We reviewed the LG C2 earlier this year and found its stunning 4K OLED picture quality to be among the best TVs we’ve ever used. It looks great with minimal customization, has all the latest gaming technology to make your PS5, Xbox Series X and PC games run as smoothly as possible, and offers an easy and fast interface to fire up your favorite streams. programs. Note that its stand and speakers aren’t the best, so you might want to consider a separate stand or mount to combine the best audio with the soundbar.

This discounted LG C2 is just one of the many great Cyber ​​Monday TV deals we’re tracking this week, so check back often for high scores on everything from bargains under $100 to steep discounts on our favorite premium sets.


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