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Rogers State said chemical engineering graduates are in high demand, but there aren’t many in-state programs for it. The university said the offering would be a boost for companies in northeast Oklahoma.

“Engineering is a big deal. It’s a tough deal, but it’s what we must do to serve our customers in business and industry and give our students a chance,” said RSU President Dr. Larry Rice said.

RSU’s new Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering launches in the fall of 2023, Rice said. This is the first engineering degree offered by the university.

“Claymore has a rich history in the oil and gas sector and has recently invested in the aerospace industry over the past decade,” said Maggie Frohman-Knight, executive director of the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority.

Chemical engineering degrees can be applied to a number of industries, including oil and gas, as well as the many companies that are at the Port of Catoosa.

“We know there is a strong niche in Northeast Oklahoma for STEM-ready students. This program is only going to add to that,” said School of Arts and Science dean Dr. Keith Martin said.

Martin, who wrote the degree programme, said there is not only a desire, but also a demand for the university to offer it.

He said the program would be great for students who cannot afford other schools and want to live nearby.

“Northeast Oklahoma north of Highway-412, east of Interstate-75, that’s the area we attract, but it’s amazing where we attract,” Martin said.

Classes will be offered initially only at the Claremore campus and students can apply now.

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