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In Ree Drummond’s macaroni and cheese recipe, which she shared with the Food Network, she mostly sticks to the classic elements. It uses macaroni pasta as well as sharp cheddar cheese. It also uses several different spices. Salt and pepper, of course, although she suggests using coarse salt. Alternatively, he says you can use cayenne pepper, paprika or thyme. However, there’s one spice addition he doesn’t like: ground mustard.

Drummond is a big fan of this flavor and suggests adding two teaspoons of dry mustard per pound of cheese. You might be a little skeptical about adding mustard to your otherwise kissable pasta, but Drummond claims you won’t even notice. In a blog post on his website, Drummond states that the richness of the ground mustard enhances the flavor of the cheese by intruding on the creaminess without overpowering the dish on its own.


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