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Everyone has been making jokes about Patriots quarterback Mack Jones and wide receiver Jacoby Myers in recent days, and it doesn’t look like they’ll end anytime soon.

As you’ve seen so far, the Patriots wide receiver threw the ball unnecessarily wide, causing his quarterback to be tackled by pass rusher Chandler Jones in a stunning New England-Las Vegas finale as the Raiders pulled away. with an incredible victory.

Not much can be said about any man’s shortcomings on the final play of the game, but the Pro Football Hall of Famer didn’t hold back.

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis made an appearance on ESPN’s “ManningCast.” During the Los Angeles Rams-Green Bay Packers game, and Eli Manning asked him what he saw on the play, Meyers was torn apart first.

“First of all, I’ve never seen a play like that and that guy — Jacoby Meyers — I don’t even need you in practice after that play next week,” Lewis said on video provided by ESPN.

The former Raven continued to trash Mack Jones and his failure to tackle Chandler Jones on a now infamous performance.

“And then Mack Jones,” Lewis said. “Do a funny thing. I mean jeez, what are you sitting for? Just fight the man.”


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