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Ray Lewis destroys Mack Jones, Jacoby Meyers for Patriots-Raiders finish originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The New England Patriots faced a lot of criticism on Sunday, and the criticism really came.

The Patriots pulled off one of the most lopsided plays in NFL history against the Las Vegas Raiders when wide receiver Jacoki Meyers attempted a lateral pass to quarterback Mack Jones on the final play of regulation in a tie game. Raiders linebacker Chandler Jones picked off Meyers’ sideline and leveled Jones on his way to a defensive tackle that gave New England an unbelievable 30-24 loss.

That ridiculous final play was the topic of discussion when Ray Lewis was a guest on ESPN2’s “ManningCast” during Monday night’s Packers-Rams game. And the former Baltimore Ravens quarterback took the opportunity to blast his old nemesis, singling out the two Patriots players most at fault in the game.

“First of all, I’ve never seen a play like that,” Lewis told Peyton and Eli Manning. “That guy Jacoby Myers — I don’t even need you at practice after this game next week.”

Lewis then shared some pretty harsh criticism of Jones’ tackling ability.

“And then Mack Jones: make a terrible shot,” Lewis added. “I mean, jeez, what are you sitting for? Just stick with the man.”

If Mack Jones had found some way to get Chandler Jones in place, the Patriots could have avoided disaster and played for overtime. Then again, it’s hard to blame the quarterback for not bringing down the 6-foot-5, 260-pound defensive end.

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Most of the blame falls on Myers, who took full responsibility after the game and said he should have been “smarter” in the situation.

“When (Ramondre Stevenson) gives it to me, I’m smart enough to know it’s tied and go with it,” Myers said. “Whether he gave me the ball or not, he gave it to me because he trusted me. I have to be smarter.”

However, the Patriots should never have been in this position in the first place. They had seven points with three minutes left in regulation but couldn’t put the game away, then allowed the Raiders to drive down the field and score a (suspicious) shot with 32 seconds left.

That set the stage for a disaster of a final play that will be talked about for years — and used as a punch line for anyone looking to pick on the Patriots.


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