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How do you see the regional technology landscape?
Businesses in the Middle East have always been good adopters of niche and next-generation technologies across all major sectors. The public and private sectors have taken great strides towards creating a strong digital infrastructure that fosters innovation and opens up new economic opportunities. The region is a significant player in the technology landscape with the proliferation of domestic IT companies and increased local investment. Advances in technology will have a positive impact on business and the lives of citizens in the region.

Why is the MENA region a priority market for Tech Mahindra?
The GCC and MENA region are on an accelerated path of technology development and we have long strategic plans in the region. While MENA still relies heavily on oil and gas production and exports, countries in the Middle East are making huge efforts to diversify their economies from hydrocarbons to digital technologies. In fact, GCC countries are investing heavily in digital technologies in the government and private sectors. S&P Global predicts that non-oil GDP in the Gulf will reach nearly 37 percent by 2022, up from 29.2 percent in 2012.

We have an early mover advantage in driving digital transformation and expanding the scope of cloud technology. Tech Mahindra strategically chose MEA as a geography of focus in the early 2000s. We have benefited from long successful traction and growth over the past two decades. Our clients include key industries in the region such as oil and gas and utilities that allow us to generate and present use cases, which we can reference globally. We have invested significantly in recruiting, training and deploying local talent for global projects. We were able to demonstrate our expertise and leadership as there is a strong demand for next-generation technology in the region. Having been associated with our MENA clients for many years, we understand that companies are looking for strategic partners that can help them in their ongoing digital transformation journey. Moreover, the government is putting huge trust in Smart Cities and Smart Transformation Initiatives, which happens to be a high priority program for CKSO. In addition, employment-friendly regional policies and simplified visa guidelines offer a significant boost to our services business, as human resources play a key role. All these factors enable businesses to explore opportunities in the region and expand their horizons to enable comprehensive growth driven by next-generation technology.

How do you meet the diverse technology needs of today’s organizations? Please share some use cases.
We have a significant footprint in the MENA region and are trusted by local industries with whom we have worked for years. We are a purpose-driven organization, extremely focused on our clients. At Tech Mahindra, we live the philosophy of a connected world and connected experiences. We thrive on change driven by an intelligent symphony of technology and people designing meaningful and sustainable experiences. Our main focus areas in the region include key growth sectors such as Telecom, Public Sector, BFSI, Oil & Gas, Retail, Construction & Real Estate, Utilities.

To share some use cases with you, we recently developed a marketplace and went live for a leading telecom operator. We have deployed the next generation of managed services for a leading public sector department in the UAE. In addition, we have developed transformational initiatives including risk and compliance solutions for leading banks and ERP transformations and rollouts for national utilities. We enabled the implementation and integration of cognitive chatbots into a globally renowned oil and gas brand client. These bots learn independently with every interaction and empower employees across all streams to work, engage and learn better. We also provide citizen services for a major city municipality in the GCC. While the list goes on, we believe that the region is rapidly transforming thanks to various technological interventions, and this is just the beginning of the big bang transformation that we are yet to witness.

Tell us about your recent partnerships in the region.
We were a global partner with leading technology companies. Overall, we depend on alliances as a path to rapid inorganic growth as it expands our capabilities and adds value. We believe that by identifying synergies in our partners, the chances of achieving success and maintaining it increase manifold. Our recent partnerships with various organizations have further strengthened our belief in the importance of strong long-term partnerships. For example, we have alliances with hyperscalers in the region and other software and hardware vendors that have helped us add value to our customers on their digital transformation journey. We also focus on new-age niche partners such as those specializing in data science platforms, machine learning and AI-based products.

We recently signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology to support Oman Vision 2040 by training 200 Omani students on niche technologies such as AI, AR/VR IoT and Metaverse. Our development center in Oman focuses on upskilling and retraining local Omani talent to take on projects in their country and around the world.

What are your goals and objectives for the next two years?
Our goals and objectives are well set for the coming years, which are in line with the vision of the GCC governments. We will contribute to the regional development of digital skills and focus on increasing innovation in the region, complementing the vision of the GCC. We plan to recruit from local universities, which will provide employment to the younger generation. We plan to enable our customers to run better, change faster and grow together in selected verticals and markets, thereby amplifying their growth momentum. We are strongly motivated to grow our market share in the region by providing value and being their partner of choice in their continuous digital transformation journey. Customer experience is our key focus, and we will invest in our expertise woven around it. Leveraging the power of cloud, big data, analytics, robotics and automation, we strive to shape the future by crafting unique, market-making solutions for our valued clients.

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