Race Teslas to the Netherlands early next year

The two racing models of the Tesla Model S and Model X, the S Plaid and X Plaid respectively, can also be encountered on Dutch roads, with Dutch registration plates, from the beginning of next year. Two EVs that fly from 0 to 100 in 2.1 (S Plaid) and 2.6 (X Plaid) seconds. However, the chance that you will also enjoy the top speeds on our highways, 322 km/h for the S Plaid and 262 km/h for the X Plaid, is small. At least if you like your driver’s license. Both models have more than 1000 horsepower ‘under the hood’, or rather ‘in the three electric motors’.

Delivery in 2023, can you still save, or not?

You can already order your favorite race Tesla on the Dutch product pages of the two Plaid models. The delivery, based on the ‘availability’ indicated by Tesla, will take place in 2023. The first S Plaid copies may also be delivered in December of this year.

Then you can save for a while, because if you order today, you only have to pay 250 euros. You have to pay the rest, or finance it if you opt for a financial lease, before the car is delivered.

One and a half tons for a race Tesla

The S Plaid costs, in the standard version, a small 140,000 euros. The X Plaid is 10,000 euros more expensive. Those are the ‘entry-level price tags’, because if you add extras, such as a different color, rims, luxurious interior and the self-driving software, the prices rise a bit further and you can just cough up 160 to 170 thousand euros.

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