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A number of Glasgow children met panto star Johnny Mack on Thursday after he won an anti-bullying poster competition.

Five winners, from various primary and secondary schools across Glasgow, won Glasgow City Council’s competition during Anti-Bullying Week.

The week ran from November 14th to November 18th and the competition bids closed at the end of November.

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The competition saw children from across the city use their creativity to create a poster for this year’s theme, ‘Listen’.

The winners were Aria Kilpatrick, Primary 1, Zizi, Primary 4, Sean Wheatland, Primary 7, Julia Kolbusz, S2 and Mariane Gonzalez, S4.

Glasgow Times:

Each winning design will become the city’s very own anti-bullying poster for Glasgow schools and each youngster will receive four free tickets to this year’s Beauty and the Beast pantomime.

Jane Arthur, Education Quality Improvement Officer at Glasgow City Council, said: “It was really exciting that so many pupils and schools were inspired by this and used their creativity.

“These posters will be used to keep the anti-bullying message alive and important in all our schools.

“Unfortunately, we know that bullying happens, but the most important thing is that we listen to our children and young people and know how we respond to it and how they want us to respond.

“So that’s what it’s all about.”

Glasgow Times:

Winners collected tickets to the King’s Theater on Thursday and had to show off posters of Johnny Mac, one of the Beauty and the Beast co-stars, and have their picture taken with him.

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Jane added: “Today was great.

“I think it’s really nice that the kids now know where they’re coming for the panto, but also that they got to meet Johnny.

“He made them feel at ease and special because that’s a really great achievement.

“It was really nice that the Kings Theater was able to donate tickets so that our winners could come with their families and celebrate their achievements.


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