Punish if found guilty, I will not spare my minister: Mamta

Breaking her silence on Partha Chatterjee’s arrest, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday said that only the guilty should be punished.

Addressing a rally during the state government’s Bangabhushan award ceremony in Kolkata, he said: “I will not go into the details of the case as it is pending. We have full confidence in the judiciary. We want a timely investigation into the matter. If someone is found guilty, that person should be punished, be it life imprisonment. I won’t mind. However, I condemn the hate campaign against me,” he said.

Keeping her distance from the scandal, Banerjee said, “All my life I have been against corruption but I do not support injustice. But I am unhappy with the recent developments. I do not spare anyone, even if that person is a minister, MP or MLA… If someone has done wrong, they better apologize and correct… CPI(M) and BJP are dragging my name in the case but I will not let them succeed. .”

Reiterating his party’s demand for a time-bound probe, the TMC chief said: “We want a fast-track court to hear the matter, otherwise it will be like the Sarada case, which has been pending for over 10 years and there is no verdict or justice.”

“The crime was committed by the CPI(M), but the TMC was targeted… The ongoing media trial at the behest of the BJP is despicable… BJP is doing it to change people’s perception. Frightened by the Martyr’s Day rally on July 21, they (BJP) sent ED officials to conduct raids the very next day. BJP and CPI(M) leaders should remember that they also have skeletons in their cupboards,” he said, taking a potshot at the Centre.

If the School Service Commission (SSC) case was a few years back, why was it not reported then, he asked. TMC has no connection with the person from whose place the money was recovered,” he said. “If I visit Durga Puja pandals and interact with people, does that mean I know them personally?”

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