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SYDNEY, Australia-(Newsfile Corp. – December 14, 2022) – Procurement marketplace has announced its expansion into engineering services. The online platform is for procurement professionals to democratize access to jobs across the globe with equal pay for assignments based on skill sets.

The world is facing an acute shortage of engineering talent and finding the right workforce for the job will become a challenge in the future. The procurement marketplace is all set to fill this gap in the market with its expansion into engineering services so that employers can easily find employees from any part of the world who meet their specific requirements.

The portal will cover all commonly demanded aspects including Mechanical, Electrical. Chemical and civil engineering fields as well as rare specialties such as nuclear, petroleum, military aerospace and optical photonics engineering. The platform is structured in a categorized manner in such a way that employers can filter candidates by the scale of the project, the objective of the project and the experience level of the candidates to find the truly best candidates. The procurement marketplace offers employers the opportunity to search for candidates in 157,000 categories across 26 industries ranging from construction to food utilities.

Clients and candidates go through a five step process to get the best match. Employers first use the interactive classification engine to enter the qualities and experience level of the candidate they are looking for. They then enter the ‘associate area’ of the platform, where they are informed that a suitable professional is in the process of being secured. Third, potential employees select their categories of expertise in an interactive classification engine before being interviewed by the Procurement Professionals Procurement Marketplace Administration as part of a vetting process. Once they pass this stage, they are listed as ‘verified’ candidates on the marketplace. Finally, the professional with the profile that best matches the specification will be selected to enter the collaboration area with the client, and the client can avail the professional’s services for their project either by paying the required amount or through an annual subscription. or on a per project basis.

Professionals are ranked as ‘beginners’ if they have up to five years of experience; an ‘advanced’ professional if they have between five and twenty years’ experience; or an ‘expert’ if they have more than twenty years’ experience in the field. As it did for Procurement Professionals, the Procurement Marketplace will democratize employment for engineering professionals regardless of where they are located.

‚ÄúThere is an untapped market opportunity in the engineering services sector. Our platform makes it possible for clients to find only the right professional by filtering them across category and subcategory in terms of their project scope, level of experience and expertise. are looking to serve. At a time when there is a talent shortage in the STEM field, our platform expands the availability of the talent pool globally. It’s the complex level of classification and our personalized vetting process that sets us apart from other makes us different from companies. Our goal is for employers to find the best candidate for each job opening and for job seekers to find the job that most closely matches their level of experience. Our goal is for both our customers and “Job takers are happy,” said Amy-Renee Hovorka, founder and CEO of the BananaHai procurement marketplace.

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Procurement Marketplace is an online platform that seeks to democratize employment by offering equal pay in the procurement industry and other industries, regardless of where workers are located. What makes this platform different from other players in this field is the level of in-depth categorization system for better fit between employers and employees so that each client gets the best possible candidates for their projects.

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