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Bismarck Tribune Staff

The winning entries in North Dakota’s Name-A-Plow Contest drew inspiration from movies, surf culture, computer terminology, rap music and even presidential transportation.

The contest, hosted by the State Department of Transportation, is in its second year. The agency is looking for “fun, witty or creative snowmobile name ideas” and will select one winner from each of the eight districts.

The winners were announced on Monday:

Bismarck County: Plowabunga, an obvious takeoff from the surfing cry of “cowabunga!”

Devils Lake District: Scoop Dogg, just one letter away from legendary rap artist Snoop Dogg.

Dickinson District: The Big Lebowski, potentially a fan of the 1989 crime comedy film The Big Lebowski.

Fargo District: Plow Force One, the ground version of the US President’s Air Force One.

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Grand Forks District: Austin Plowers, undoubtedly inspired by the Austin Powers movie franchise.

Minot District: CtrlSaltDelete, which refers to the computer keyboard command control-alt-delete.

Valley City District: Sleetwood Mac, influenced by the legendary rock group Fleetwood Mac, or perhaps in memory of one of its famous members, Christine McVie, who died on November 30 at the age of 79.

Williston County: Blizzard Buster, just in time after last week’s multi-day blizzard.

Winners will get a chance to meet the operator of their nominated plow and the plow will be decorated with a name.

Over three weeks in November, 890 names were submitted, up from 850 in the first year of the contest.

“We are thrilled that our second Name-A-Plow Contest had even more submissions than the first,” DOT Director Ron Henke said in a statement. “Thanks to everyone who submitted a name and especially thanks to the snowplow operators who are working. Long hours in difficult conditions to keep North Dakota traffic moving.”

A list of vehicle emergency kit items and winter driving tips are at Drivers can download the ND Roads app and go to for the latest road information.


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