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NEWARK, NJ–(Business Wire–PGIM Investments has launched three actively managed ETFs – the PGIM Jennison Focused Growth ETF (PJFG)of PGIM Jennison Focused Value ETF (PJFV) and the PGIM Portfolio Ballast ETF (PBL).

With these launches, PGIM Investments expands its active ETF lineup to eight funds. The new funds complement PGIM Investments’ existing portfolio of actively managed fixed income ETFs.

“PGIM continues to expand the reach of our time-tested investment strategies by bringing them to market in an ETF package. These new funds, combined with the advantages of the ETF structure, offer compelling investment strategies, including increased transparency and greater tax efficiency,” said Stuart Parker, president and CEO of PGIM Investments.

Fully transparent growth and value ETFS

PGIM Jennison Funds are fully transparent ETFs with focused and highly leveraged portfolios. Jennison’s equity investment approach is based on in-depth, fundamental research and bottom-up security selection. The investment strategies of both funds are very similar to their mutual fund and institutional strategy counterparts.

of PGIM Jennison Focused Growth ETF (PJFG) It seeks to provide long-term capital growth by investing in a portfolio focused primarily on mid- and large-cap stocks that are believed to have strong capital appreciation potential. The Fund’s investment team believes that excess returns can be achieved by investing in market-leading companies with unique business models, long-lasting competitive advantages and growth rates that outperform the market.

of PGIM Jennison Focused Value ETF (PJFV) It seeks to provide long-term capital growth by investing in a portfolio that is primarily focused on large capitalization companies compared to its target value. The fund’s investment team looks for companies with one or more of the following characteristics: attractive valuation metrics unique to that business, high longevity and viability of the business, promising business models, high return on assets and/or equity, high free cash flow results; Management teams that are willing to make changes, and/or something that’s fixable or temporary if there’s a bug in the works.

Multi-asset ETF to help market volatility

of PGIM Portfolio Ballast ETF (PBL), seeks to provide long-term capital growth with reduced volatility compared to the equity market. PBL’s long-term goal is to outperform the S&P 500, an average of 60 percent of the equity markets, and capture the performance of the S&P 500, which averages declines over the market cycle.

Like ballast on a ship that provides critical stability amid rough waters, the PGIM Portfolio Ballast ETF offers attractive and diversified solutions in the face of uncertain and turbulent markets.

PBL’s fundamental strategy is very similar to the US Market Participation Strategy (MPS) – an institutional strategy with a 30-year history and over $1 billion in client capital as of October 31, 2022. Both MPS and PBL are managed by PGIM Quantitative Solutions, PGIM’s quantitative and multi-asset specialist.

About PGIM investment

PGIM Investments LLC and its affiliates offer more than 100 funds globally across a variety of asset classes and investment styles. All products draw on PGIM’s global diversified investment platform, which includes managers’ expertise in fixed income, equities, options and real estate.

About Jennison Associates LLC

Founded in 1969, Jennison Associates offers a variety of equity and fixed income investment strategies. His equity expertise includes patterns, geographies and market capitalization. The investment level of its fixed income portfolio includes active and structured strategies with varying durations. Original fundamental research, specialized investment teams, strong client focus and highly experienced investment professionals are among the company’s competitive differentiators. As of September 30, 2022, Jennison managed $164 billion in client assets. For more information, please visit

About PGIM Quantitative Solutions

PGIM Quantitative Solutions is PGIM’s quantitative equity, strategic macro and multi-asset specialist. For more than 45 years, PGIM Quant Solutions has helped investors around the world solve their unique needs using the power of technology and data, as well as advanced academic research. PGIM Quant Solutions manages portfolios in equities, multi-asset and liquid options and offers defined contribution solutions. As of September 30, 2022, PGIM Quant Solutions managed $81 billion in client assets. For more information, please visit

About PGIM

PGIM is part of Prudential Financial, Inc., a leading global investment manager with over $1.2 trillion in assets under management as of September 30, 2022. (NYSE: PRU) is a global asset management business. Through offices in 18 countries, PGIM businesses are offered. A range of investment solutions for retail and institutional investors around the world across various asset classes, including public fixed income, private fixed income, basic equity, quantitative equity, real estate and options. For more information about PGIM, visit

Prudential Financial, Inc. of the United States. (PFI) is in no way connected with Prudential plc, which is incorporated in the United Kingdom or a subsidiary of M&G plc incorporated in the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit

Carefully consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses before investing. The prospectus and summary prospectus contain this and other information about the fund. Contact your financial professional for the prospectus and summary prospectus. Read carefully before investing.

Investing in mutual funds and ETFs involves risks. Some funds carry more risk than others. Investment returns and principal value fluctuate and shares may be worth more or less than principal value when sold and you may lose money.

Funds are distributed by Prudential Investment Management Services LLC, a Prudential Financial company and member firm of FINRA. Jennison Associates is a registered investment advisor. PGIM Quantitative Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of PGIM. Both are Prudential Financial companies. © 2022 Prudential Financial, Inc. and related entities. Jennison, PGIM Quantitative Solutions, PGIM and the PGIM logo are trademarks of Prudential Financial, Inc. and related entities are service marks, registered in many jurisdictions worldwide.

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