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Some players are forever associated with one photo.

Think Tom Brady and his iconic NFL Combine photo, or Odell Beckham Jr. and his one-handed lateral grab.

Brady's Combine shot comes up every year during the draft


Brady’s Combine shot comes up every year during the draftCredit: NFL
Beckham Jr. stunned the world in 2014 with his sideline


Beckham Jr. stunned the world in 2014 with his sidelineCredit: Getty
Peyton asked Barrow: "Who smoked better?"


Peyton asked Barrow, “Who smoked better?”Credit: Twitter/@ESPNNFL

Both are iconic photos you won’t soon forget.

And that also goes for quarterbacks Mack Jones of the New England Patriots and Joe Barrow of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Barrow looked handsome backstage smoking a cigar after winning the 2019 national championship with LSU.

Meanwhile, a year later, after leading Alabama to the national championship, Jones was pictured shirtless and smoking a cigar.

Tom Brady jokes he felt '**t' after opponent asked him to sign ball
The NFL's

During Monday night’s ManningCast, hosted by Peyton and Eli Manning, the former he asked Their guest Barrow “Who Smoked Better?” – Two frames side by side on the screen.

Burrow replied, “Sorry Mac, I think I took you there mate,” causing the three of them to laugh.

Payton was quick to praise Barrow for his decision to keep his jersey on in his photo, which he described as a “veteran move.”

Ellie then commented: “I’m sure Mac is really excited that we’re showing pictures of him wearing his shirt.”

But it’s hard to imagine Jones caring much as he led the Patriots to a 27-13 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night.

New England is now 7-6 and just one game behind the Miami Dolphins for second place in the AFC East.

They will face the Las Vegas Raiders in Nevada on Sunday, December 18th.

Jones was a Pro Bowler as a rookie in 2021


Jones was a Pro Bowler as a rookie in 2021Credit: AP
Peyton is a Hall of Famer


Peyton is a Hall of FamerCredit: Getty


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