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Trouble in New England?

Patriots left tackle Trent Brown liked an Instagram post saying New England should trade quarterback Mack Jones — who the team drafted No. 15 overall in 2021 — with either Tom Brady or 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, according to screengrabs shared on Twitter. on

ESPN’s NFL Report shared a quote from writer Bill Barnwell suggesting New England could consider moving on from Jones after just two years as the starting quarterback.

“The Patriots should still call Brady’s people to ask if he wants to return to New England to finish out his career,” the Post was quoted as saying. They could also pursue Garoppolo.

Both Brady and Garoppolo previously played in New England, Brady for 20 years and Garoppolo three more seasons as his backup. Garoppolo then moved to the 49ers in 2017, where he had several stints as San Francisco’s starting QB – most recently this season before an injury knocked him out of the lineup.

Trent Brown
Trent Brown
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Mc Jones
Mc Jones
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Brown, 29, played with the Patriots in 2018 when Brady was still a rookie. He joined the Raiders in 2019 but returned to New England in 2021, Jones’ first season as a signal caller.

Obviously, Brown wasn’t too impressed with Jones’ performance. The former Alabama quarterback had a remarkable rookie season that led New England to the playoffs in 2021 while earning Pro Bowl honors. However, he struggled throughout the offense in 2022. Through 11 games, Jones has thrown for 2,310 yards, seven touchdowns and eight interceptions, while his passer rating is down 10 points from last season.

The offense as a whole will be missing former offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who stepped down as the Raiders’ head coach in the offseason. Matt Patricia, the former Lions head coach and previously the Patriots defensive coordinator, has been calling plays for the Patriots offense this season.

The Patriots may be able to add to their coaching staff, but if they do decide to make a change at quarterback, it looks like at least one of their players will welcome the decision.


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