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Mc Jones says he has great arm strength. And if Bill Belichick had called for a Hail Mary on the final play of the Raiders game, instead of the unfortunate tie game, Jones might have delivered.

That’s not the only way it went on Sunday in Las Vegas.

After a questionable 30-24 loss to the Raiders, Belichick was asked about the possibility of a punt in the end zone, as opposed to a tie that was called, which turned into an onside and ultimately game-winning fumble return. By Chandler Jones.

Why not hail Mary?

“We couldn’t throw it that far,” Belichick said.

During an appearance on WEEI’s “Merloni, Fauria & Mego” show Monday, Jones was asked if he agrees with his head coach. Did he agree that the distance was too far to set up a Hail Mary? The Patriots were at the 45, so it would take at least 60 yards to get him into the end zone.

Jones said no, he didn’t think the distance was too far to reach the final game, but deferred to Belichick considering there were many factors that went into deciding the tie.

“Obviously, we have a plan for this situation,” Jones said. “You have to think about everything in that situation and that’s what he did. This is his job and he has been doing it for a long time.

“But whatever the play calls for, I’m going to run it and make it the best I can. If it was a Hail Mary, it was a Hail Mary. If it was a run, it was a run. I always tell myself this regardless of the situation. . . What is my job and how do I do it? I try to keep it very simple. “

Jones, who usually throws a few bombs before practice to open up his arm, told the show’s hosts that he knew how far he could throw it but wasn’t going to reveal the distance.

“I know my number,” he said with a laugh.

Asked if it was 60 yards, Jones said, “I guess we’ll see.”


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