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Devante Parker’s head injury in the game in the first quarter of the New England Patriots’ win over the Arizona Cardinals is getting some serious attention.

The NFL and NFLPA are reportedly reviewing the incident to make sure protocols were followed because Parker was visibly injured after the tackle. The wide receiver struggled to get his bearings on the next play, with teammate Nelson Agholor frantically pleading with the refs to stop the play. The whistles finally blew after Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury threw the challenge flag.

Parker, of course, was upset with how things turned out and had a harsh message for the league, while Agholor was clearly displeased.

Patriots quarterback Mack Jones wasn’t as candid as Parker, but the second-year signal caller certainly addressed the situation Tuesday during an appearance on Audacy’s WEEI 93.7 “Merloni, Fauria & Mego” show.

“I think definitely some people have jobs and there’s a lot going on in the game,” Jones said. “I hope DP is okay. Obviously, he came out on that performance. I know he’s doing better and that’s important for the health of the players.”

Parker was helped off the sideline and taken to the medical tent before the Patriots ruled him out for the remainder of the contest.

Parker’s injury management was significantly different than Devin McCourt’s. An independent concussion examiner at the stadium, which the NFL has for every game, warned officials to remove McCourt from the field after he showed concussion-like symptoms after trying to make a tackle late in the game.


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