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New England Patriots quarterback Mack Jones understands the importance of Sunday’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders, and he’s trying to make sure the rest of the team does too.

Jones and the Patriots are looking to start a two-game winning streak as they return from a 27-13 win over the Cardinals in Arizona. The second-year quarterback passed for 235 yards on Monday as the offense continued to find its footing.

They will now turn their attention to a Raiders team that suffered a narrow loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams in Week 14.

Sunday’s game carries tough playoff implications for both teams, prompting an extra vocal Jones to stand up and emphasize the importance of taking care of business on the road. It’s clear his teammates are getting that message loud and clear.

“I’m not going to lie, obviously we’re going to be looking for a result this week,” special teams captain Matthew Slater said, via NESN’s Zach Cox. “You ask what will make this week a success, it will be winning the game. But I think to do that, it’s going to be about preparation, and Mack said this (Wednesday) — trying to keep our routine as close to normal as possible. Be it on the training ground, in the meeting room, in recovery.

“We’re not on vacation and it’s easy to fall into that when you’re away from home. So hopefully we do our best and they translate the game on Sunday. “

These next two weeks will be nothing but rest.

The Patriots are back in the playoffs with Monday night’s win. Now they are trying to secure a win in Las Vegas and put themselves firmly in the playoffs.


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