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Bless his heart, New England Patriots quarterback Mack Jones really felt like he had destroyed his team. That’s no different than what any of the other 31 starting quarterbacks would say after Sunday’s game. Fair enough, right? Let’s not mince words here, but there was absolutely no scenario in which Mack was going to deal with Chandler Jones of the Las Vegas Raiders. None, no offense, Mac.

After one of the scariest final minutes of an NFL game you’ll ever see, Sunday’s outcome was decided by an offensive miscue. Not from Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels, not this time. Instead of playing it safe and taking the game to overtime, the Patriots engaged in what can only be described as cheating. At this point in the game, you protect the ball and take a chance in overtime. Even Patriots head coach Bill Belichick knew there weren’t many options. In fact, he said, even hitting deep down the field wasn’t an option. “Shooting in the end zone? We couldn’t have thrown it that far,” Belichick said in his postgame presser.

Mack Jones didn’t stand a chance against the Raiders’ No. 55 pick

What happened next would go down in both Raiders and Mac Jones history. Raiders’ no. The 55 caught Patriots wide receiver Jakobi Meyers’ errant onside attempt. After stealing the ball, Jones fires Mack into a power arm that has since gone viral.

Mack still has a long career ahead of him, but with the way social media functions these days, his missed effort will live on in internet infamy. Still, Mac did the right thing after that. He did what Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was synonymous with and took charge. Speaking to reporters after the game, Mac took a path that Raiders fans know all too well.

“I’ve got to deal with the guy. It’s on me and it’s my fault. Because if we deal with him – or I deal with him – then we’re going to play for overtime. It’s all about me. I’ve got to do it, it’s not good enough for me. It is what it is , I just have to fight it and play for overtime. So it’s on me.”

Mac seems like a nice enough guy, but you won’t see too many Raiders fans shedding tears for the guy.

*Top photo: Larry Brown Sports

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