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From the television lens, Mack Jones’ transition to a new offensive coaching staff in his second season with the Patriots is not going well.

All you have to do is watch Jones hit Patriots offensive coordinator Matt Patricia during the last two sideline scrimmages to understand that. Jones was frustrated by the direction of the game plans, which tend toward short throws rather than more scoring chances.

Jones addressed the issues on his weekly New England radio show and had no plans to back down.

“I think football is an emotional sport,” he said. “I love to show my passion on the field. We are there to win and we will do everything to win. Sometimes we just have to put in a better performance.”

It’s a continuation of the offseason backlash Jones and the Patriots made during the transition from Josh McDaniels to Patricia as coordinator and running back.

And it makes one wonder what version of the Patriots’ offense the Raiders will see Sunday when they host New England at Allegiant Stadium.

“They do different things every week against the opponent based on what they think is their best chance to win,” McDaniels said. “And it’s very difficult because what you see on tape is not necessarily what you’re going to get.”

McDaniels left the Patriots in January to take over as the Raiders’ head coach. Instead of hiring a renowned offensive mind to continue Jones’ development, Patriots coach Bill Belichick chose Patricia, who had never called plays or coordinated an offense in his 17 NFL coaching seasons.

It was a curious decision. Yes, the Patriots are 7-6 and in last place in the seven-team AFC playoff race. But they did it despite an offense that averaged the NFL’s 18th-most points against and 28th-ranked QB-rated quarterback.

Therefore, Jones showed disappointment. The most recent matchup was on Monday against the Cardinals, a game the Patriots won.

“I thought we all did a good job of trying to make the next play, make the next run, and Matt did a great job,” Jones said. “He’s trying to call the game so we can win.”

To her credit, when asked about Jones’ slimming down, Patricia said, “I love it.”

Again, Jones doesn’t back down, no matter how it looks.

“It’s football, isn’t it? It’s part of the game,” he said. “We’re all in competition and trying to win and make things better.” So you have to work on all the problems and solutions. “

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