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FOXBOROUGH – Mack Jones faced a backlash from his home crowd again Saturday. In the opening stages of the New England Patriots’ 22-18 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, Jones and the rest of the offense struggled as they failed to move the ball at midfield until late in the third quarter.

During that time, Jones blew a kiss as Patriots fans chanted for Bailey Zapp to enter the game.

But Jones struggled in the fourth quarter. He had one of the most impressive games of his two-year career, throwing a pair of touchdown passes and helping with big plays as the Patriots ultimately lost. Jones completed 21-of-33 passes for 240 yards with two touchdowns and zero interceptions.

Jones was proud of his performance in the fourth quarter, but was mostly disappointed with the final result.

“Obviously a tough loss for us here,” Jones said. “Definitely things I want to do better. And I’ve just got to keep working, I’ve got to watch film and keep working together, I guess. We didn’t give up. We fought and at the end of the day we got more points. And we ball was moving a little.

“But I just want to capitalize and score more points. So I fall like a quarterback. And very disappointing, but also a lot to look at and realize that we have fighters on this team. And it’s hard to tell in a loss, but we have, we have fighters on this team. I thought everyone on our offense and defense and special teams fought until the end.

Part of the reason for the comeback was the inclusion of Kendrick Bourne in the lineup. After a 2,201-year career, Bourne hasn’t played much this season for unknown reasons. He did get on the field in the second half, though, on Sunday, with 6 passes for 100 yards and a touchdown, including an impressive catch in the back of the end zone.

Jones wouldn’t say why he thought Bourne hasn’t played as much this season when asked, but shared his appreciation for the veteran receiver.

“I think KB, he’s a great teammate and he’s one of my closest friends,” Jones said. “Every time I saw him, he had a smile on his face, even in a situation at the end of the game when we’re trying to come back and there’s a lot of pressure, he’s there and he’s smiling. , ‘let’s go do it’. When you see that from a guy, and I’m saying the same thing in a hug, I want to look for a guy like that who wants to compete and play and play hard. He’s one of those guys. And we have all those guys, the receivers have done a great job. “

Jones’ other touchdown pass came on a high-down play in which he threw the ball 48 yards down the field on third-and-29 hoping something would happen. Practice squad tight end Scotty Washington threw the ball back to Jacoby Meyers, who caught it and ran into the end zone.

Jones credited his teammates for working the play.

“Just a great game. It was good to see, it’s an example of competition, isn’t it?” Jones said. “Scott jumps up, tries to make a play. Then Jacob’s right there waiting. And the offensive line, on the play we’re watching, has done a great job of competing. I roll this way, I roll that way. They were throwing blocks left and right.

“I love it for those guys. At the end of the day he just lacked in other situations and started playing faster and maybe the game is a little different. So really disappointed. “

Jones also credited the Patriots’ leaders for helping him stay tough throughout the first three quarters of Sunday’s game.

“I think we have a lot of tough players on this team. I look up to a lot of guys like Jakob [Meyers] And KB and [Matthew] Slater and Devin [McCourty]. I was able to watch my first two years here. And the best players on our team are the toughest players and there are times when I need to be tougher and stand there and screw it up and all that.

“We’re all out there competing. That’s the point. Just don’t quit and keep competing and we’ll do it as an offense. We will do this as protection. Do it as special teams. I think the guys themselves, we’re all going to compete. So that will never change. “

Jones and the Patriots will continue their rivalry next week when they host the Maimi Dolphins. If they weren’t already there, the Patriots must win as they dropped to 7-8 on the season with Sunday’s loss.

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