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It doesn’t take much inference or reading between the lines to conclude that New England Patriots quarterback Mack Jones is extremely frustrated. As New England’s disappointing second season continued, Jones became the poster child for the Patriots, who are underpowered and without a plan on offense, his frustration with the situation becoming more apparent each week.

Instead of leading the Patriots to a potential playoff run despite their offensive issues, Jones is now left with a permanent spot The most humiliating game in team historyAfter wide receiver Jacoby Meyers made an inexplicable decision to try to throw the ball to Jones with the play running out and time expired, Jones forgot to try to make a game-saving tackle on Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones. who then ran the ball back for the game-winner as Jones was left to run up the field.

The brain-melting nature of the loss angered many longtime Patriots, including Super Bowl LIII MVP Julian Edelman. after days Shares his visceral initial reactionEdelman made harsh and pointed criticism of Mack Jones on “Inside the NFL,” first criticizing Jones’ attempt to tackle Chandler Jones before expanding on his grievances.

“The season’s ready, you’ve got to run it,” Edelman said, echoing a point Ray Lewis was trying to make about the play.

Panelist Brandon Marshall responded by arguing that Jones doesn’t practice making tackles, to which Edelman took a direct cue from the Patriots quarterback’s behavior.

“You know what, he also doesn’t do all the dirty work after the game and take the coaches and all those silly faces and stuff,” Edelman said. “He doesn’t practice it and he does it. Why can’t he hit? That’s bad.”

After longtime Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels left the team to become the Raiders’ head coach, New England opted not to replace him with a true offensive coordinator, instead relying on a joint approach that included Matt Patricia and Joe Judge — who previously served. As defensive coordinator and special teams coordinator, respectively – overseeing the offense as well as Jones’ development.

In the two games leading up to Week 15, Jones’ frustration began. During a 24-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills, Jones yelled, “Throw the f–king ball! The f–king fast game sucks!” And even in a 27-13 win over the Arizona Cardinals, Jones could be seen dropping multiple F-bombs after the Patriots’ offensive mistakes.

Jones has had to endure the Patriots’ offensive ineptitude, which has helped them go 7-7 on the season with three games remaining. New England’s passing game has been particularly poor, as it ranks 23rd in the NFL in passing yards per game and 30th in passing yards.


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