Balenciaga has unveiled the ‘world’s most expensive trash bag’, and it costs…

Trust Balenciaga to keep them on their toes with their outrageously expensive and eccentrically designed accessories. From ruined sneakers to crocs with heels — the luxury fashion brand sure knows how to push the envelope and get everyone talking. Keeping with the trend, Balenciaga recently launched its ‘Trash Pouch’ for sale, months after it first … Read more

10 tips to save your phone battery at a festival

The festival season is upon us and with Pride tomorrow, LatinVillage in a few weekends and many more festivals on the schedule, we are demanding a lot from our smartphones. Especially when the sun is shining, because then we also increase the brightness of the screen considerably. Hopefully, your phone will keep your festival full … Read more

Doctors warn against viral TikTok trend ‘vabbing’; here’s what it means and why you mustn’t do it

There are many bizarre trends that have originated from TikTok, and many of them involve tips and tricks to attract people romantically and sexually. Sometimes, it involves makeup hacks like the recent ‘siren eyes’, and at other times, it claims that bodily fluids can do the trick. Buy Now | Our best subscription plan now … Read more

Karnataka elections next year: Shah meets CM, top state leaders; Aware of the situation in coastal districts

Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a series of meetings with party leaders in Bengaluru on Thursday in what is seen as the first phase of strategizing ahead of next year’s Karnataka assembly elections, and to take stock of the sharp communal divide in coastal Karnataka, where three murders took place between July 20 and … Read more

Uttarakhand Corbett planning ‘Modi circuit’, map is man vs wild episode

The Uttarakhand government is working on tourism circuits for Maa Bhagwati, Shiva, Vishnu, Nava-graha, Golju Maharaj, Nagadevta, Hanuman and Vivekananda. Next is ‘Modi Circuit’. The state tourism department is developing a trail that will cover places and activities visited by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a special episode of survival reality show ‘Man Vs Wild’ … Read more