Over 3.9 lakh Indians renounced citizenship to settle abroad in last 3 years: Official data

More than 3.9 lakh Indians have renounced their citizenship in the past three years, the government told Parliament on Tuesday, with America emerging as the top choice among 103 countries where migrants have settled.

More than 1.63 lakh Indians renounced their citizenship in 2021 alone, as per the dates given by the Union Home Ministry. More than 78,000 of them have taken US citizenship, it added.

While 1.44 lakh Indians renounced their citizenship in 2019, the data showed, the number fell to 85,256 in 2020, before rising again last year.

Responding to a question by BSP MP Haji Fazlur Rahman, Union Home Minister Nityananda Rai told Parliament that the Indian nationals had left them “for their personal reasons” according to the Ministry of External Affairs.

According to the data, apart from choosing countries such as Singapore (7,046) and Sweden (3,754), many renounced their citizenship for Bahrain (170), Angola (2), Iran (21) and Iraq (1). The individual took citizenship of Burkina Faso in 2021.

More than 1,400 people have taken Chinese citizenship, while 48 have renounced Pakistani citizenship, the data showed.

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