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Mrs. Olanike Awoefa, Area Supervisor, Ifelodun Health Centre, Ife East Local Government Area of ​​Osun, said the council had vaccinated 10,500 children against polio.

Awoyefa disclosed this in an interview News Agency of Nigeria, on Wednesday, in Ile-Ife.

He said the second round of this year’s polio vaccine was administered to children under five years of age to prevent the disease.

According to him, the government will continue to take measures to prevent the virus.

Awoefa explained that between December 16 and December 19, Akogun, Apata 11, 111, Asikolae, Ajidara, Owoye, Oebanji, Ifedebi, Safejo, Alajobi and Lakaye were covered.

However, he encouraged the practice and praised mothers who agreed to have their children vaccinated.

He also lauded the commitment of the state government to eradicate polio in the state.


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