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At the Ondo State House of Assembly on Tuesday, members of the state branch of the Nigerian Union of Local Government Workers staged a protest in front of the Akure House of Assembly complex over the autonomy of the local government and the failure of the legislation.

It was gathered that the Assembly leadership was planning to vote against the LG Autonomy Bill during the session on Tuesday.

The protesters who blocked the main gate of the palace were led by NULGE President of Ondo State, Bola Taiwo.

They held placards with different inscriptions such as “No independence or elections in Ondo State in the forthcoming general elections”.

Speaking during the protest, Taiwo urged the state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, not to tread the path of other states protesting self-determination.

Two legislators representing Ose and Ondo West constituencies, Mr. Feyide Olyuede and Mr. Tomide Akinribido, were present to address the protesters.

Akinribido said there was not an iota of truth to the allegations that the Assembly was under pressure to deny local government autonomy.

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