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Local government workers under the auspices of the Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) in Ondo State stormed the State House on Tuesday and threatened to clash with lawmakers over the signing of local government autonomy.

Protesting local government workers who shut down the assembly complex warned lawmakers not to vote against local government autonomy in the new constitution being discussed by the National Assembly.

The marching workers, holding placards with various inscriptions, threatened: “No independence or elections in Ondo state in the upcoming general elections”, while others chanted: “Yes to the independence of the Soviet Union”, “Yes to the independence of the judiciary”, “Bie “There is no independence,” he threatened. , No vote” and “We stand on autonomy” and so on.

The Ondo State Federation President, Comrade Bola Taiwo, said local governments should be autonomous and urged lawmakers to do the needful by supporting the bill and passing the autonomy bill.

Taiwo said the lawmakers would not be allowed into the assembly complex until the autonomy of the local government was guaranteed, threatening to disrupt social, economic and political activities in the state.

According to Taiwo, no fewer than 16 states in the country have signed the LG Autonomy Bill and Ondo State should not assent to the bill passed by the National Assembly.

He said Governor Rotimi Akeredolu had no reason to lobby the lawmakers to support the bill and that he got their vote because the governor had assured him to sign the Local Government Autonomy Bill into law.

However, only two of the 26 members of the State House arrived at the assembly complex to join the protesting local government officials.

Workers said the demonstration was necessitated by media reports that the government’s Executive Office pressured the House of Representatives to vote against local government autonomy.

But addressing the protesting workers, two lawmakers representing Ose and Tomide Akinribido (Ondo West), the Deputy Minority Speaker, Feyide Olyuede, said there was no truth to the allegations that the Assembly was under pressure to deny the autonomy of local governments. .

The legislators promised to deliver the letter of objection of the Speaker of the Parliament R. State. Reverend David Oleeloogun stated that he was not around to receive the letter in person.


Ondo LG workers shut down assembly over LG independence


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