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Office of Undergraduate Research confers STAR Awards on six engineering students

December 16, 2022

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Six Mizzou engineering students have been recognized for participating in at least five workshops offered by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

The students were awarded Star Awards in recognition of their efforts in preparing themselves professionally to engage in the process of research and scholarship.

Student training to advance the research program was envisaged to engage students in the high-impact practice of research, ranging from “getting started in research” to responsible conduct of research, research-focused fellowships, alumni Included were discussions, and engagements. With faculty researchers from across campus.

The following students received Star Hero for Fall 2022:

Adam Boll, Biomedical Engineering

Josh Donaldson, Biological Engineering

Maggie Hilti, Pre-Engineering

Connor Johnson, Computer Engineering

AB Law, Chemical Engineering

Nathan Lowry, Chemical Engineering

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