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San Mateo, California., December 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SaaS Observability Company TODAY Observe, Inc. announced qi jinFormerly Head of Engineering for Payments and Connect at Stripe, as President of Engineering and Products at Observe, Inc. have joined.

“This is one of the most important positions at Observe – we wanted someone who was collaborative, technical, had observable domain expertise, and experienced the next phase of growth.” Said Jeremy BurtonCEO of Observe, “Qi ticked all the boxes for us. He has grown the engineering teams through rapid development at Stripe and has deep expertise working with data not only at Stripe but also in Google and IBM DB2.”

For most of his career, Ki Jin has worked in companies managing large amounts of data, having spent his early years in the data warehousing industry at IBM with Redbrick and DB2. From there, Qi moved to Google where he spent more than seven years working in resource management and, eventually, the Google Knowledge Graph – a highly curated graph database containing billions of concepts and facts about people, places and things. Are included. This understanding enables Google Search to relate user queries and documents to their underlying meanings.

Most recently, Qi worked at Stripe, where he led a team of over a thousand people responsible for payments and connect products, including payments, money storage and movement platforms, funds flow, experiences and financial network integration. Huh. Qi grew Stripe’s core payments team from eighty to one thousand in four years, while also running weekly incident reviews to determine the root cause of the most critical incidents.

“I’ve worked with data for many years – from the early years of my career working on Google’s Knowledge Graph on the DB2 data warehouse. As I transitioned from Google to Stripe, I wanted to take on the “CIO” role continued — or, to my team, the “chief event officer”. I was always on the front lines for critical events because we couldn’t let billions of users and millions of businesses fail.” The engineering team at Observe is amazing, and all the machines The idea of ​​putting data into a data lake, and then correlating it to provide context and track changes over time so that root cause of incidents can be quickly established, is very exciting. ,

grew up in qi nanjing, China, and later moved to America to attend graduate school. He now lives in the Bay Area with his wife and son, both of whom are software engineers.


Observe, Inc. was founded in 2017 by Sutter Hill Ventures and recruited a world-class founding team with deep experience in handling large amounts of data. Jacob Leverich joined the team from Splunk, Jonathan Trevor from wavefront, John Watte from roblox, and Philip Unterbrunner From Snowflake – via Facebook. Recently, Observe began to build through its executive team Jeremy Burtonwho joined as CEO in 2018 from Dell Technologies, and Keith ButlerJo joined as CRO from Perfecto in 2020.

Observable focuses on a new segment of the market called “observability,” which promises to transform the $20B+ market for log analytics, infrastructure monitoring, and application performance management.

Observe is currently offering users a free trial, please visit to register.

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Observability SaaS is the Observability Company that has long recognized that almost all businesses are data-rich but information poor. Observe’s vision is to turn the world’s business data into information.

Contact: Knox Lively, [email protected]

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