NYU is pouring $1 billion into its engineering school in Brooklyn | Jobs Vox

The investment paid off: In 2006, the school was ranked number 82 in US News & World Report rankings. This year it is at 33rd position.

The investment in the school comes as NYU President Andrew Hamilton plans to retire next year. “I came to NYU with a number of priorities, among them improving affordability, increasing diversity, growing science, and building on our foundation in Brooklyn,” Mr. Hamilton, a former Yale chemistry professor, said in a statement.

“Engineering education is a force for social mobility, an economic engine for the city, and an important contributor to the city’s effort to become the world center of technology,” he said.

Still, an education at Tandon may be out of reach for many New Yorkers: The total sticker price for on-campus NYU students to attend, which includes Tandon, currently exceeds $83,000 per year.

Low-income students typically pay less because of financial aid — about $23,000 in the 2020-21 school year, according to federal data — but they still pay significantly more for an education at NYU than at many other higher-education institutions can be expected to do. City, which includes public colleges and some private universities like Columbia.

For example, the sticker price for students at Columbia to attend and live on campus is higher than at NYU, but the lowest-income students at Columbia averaged over $10,000 a year in the 2019-20 school year after financial aid. paid less. The data was factual according to the latest year available on the federal site, College Navigator. At other private universities in the area, such as Fordham University and The New School, low-income students pay on average about the same amount as they would pay at NYU.

At CUNY’s College of Technology, the total cost for in-state students was close to $26,000, but, after aid, fell to less than $2,500 for the lowest-income students.

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