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Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) has threatened to mobilize against any legislator or governor who does not support local government autonomy in the coming elections.

The national president of the association, Comrade Olatunji Ambali, while speaking at State House during a campaign on local government autonomy, criticized some governors and members of the state assembly in the country for their skeptical stance on the bill.

In the governor’s plenary session, he pointed out that there is a lack of reasons for not passing the bill on local government autonomy, saying that the reasons given by some are selfish.

“Any state that does not steal local government funds will have no problem passing the Local Government Autonomy Bill. If we are serious about fighting insecurity, we must give local governments financial autonomy.

“From 2015 to now, a total of 500 billion MNT has been budgeted for local government, and the development and improvement of local government has not been done. It’s no wonder that urban sprawl continues to grow, making local governments vulnerable to thuggery and terrorism.

“President Buhari had good intentions for the country; he sent a presidential decree, but the governors went to court to challenge it. What is their problem? Do you want to be the governor and head of the local administration at the same time?” he asked.

He said, “Our power is our vote. Any member of the House who votes against independence, we must vote against them. After that, we will charge you to go to your various constituencies and wait with the Governors. You must be ready to campaign against any politician against the local government.”

The team leader of the Civil Society Coalition in Plateau State, Comrade Steve Aluko, said the road to prosperity in Nigeria is local government autonomy.

He also called for the immediate deliberation of the Highland State House of Assembly on the Local Government Autonomy Bill 2022, adding that if passed, the law would strengthen good governance at the local government level and promote accountability, transparency and open governance.

According to him, this will instill a fair sense of ownership and responsibility among the majority of our rural populists, adding that it will develop healthy competitiveness among the 774 LGAs in Nigeria, meet the basic needs of healthy living and stop urban migration without governance. , and increasing urban slums.

“This ensures a guaranteed platform for the security of life and property of all, including top politicians and civil servants who retire to local government after serving the nation.”

“With all these advantages in mind, this call is made under the renewed energy of a collective desire to give a better life to the third tier of governance.” These sacred things are in the presidential council, the national assembly, the scholarly decision of the supreme court, the collective decision of the highland head of state to the eight assembly, and the people of the highland state have always, at different times, voted for the autonomy of local governments and declined. We take into account our characteristics and challenges and conduct our activities.

“Therefore, the 9th Assembly cannot squander this rare opportunity to write their name in gold and make or break history.” They must resist all the temptations of the rural populists in the highlands to plead for a more individualistic future.”

In response, the Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon. Yakubu Sanda, his deputy Hon. Saleh Yepmong said the position of the House of Representatives would not be far from the thoughts of the citizens of Plateau State.

According to him, the members of the House have been in the forefront of the workers’ agitation and there are members who have been in the forefront of the assembly and they will not be far away from the people’s sentiments.



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