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NORTH OLMSTEAD, Ohio – Calling all parents and community members with engineering experience: Joan Drobnak, a physics teacher at North Olmsted High School, needs your help.

The issue is its junior-senior level ‘Scrambler Challenge’, which finds students designing and building tiny cars with the ultimate goal of protecting an egg and preventing it from cracking.

The problem is that the comprehensive project requires a practical engineering aspect, which the students lack.

“Some of these kids have no construction experience,” Drobnak said.

“If there’s any interest in coming to our class and giving us any ideas on how to improve your car, my kids may be willing to work a little harder and actually try to apply what they’re learning.” Can,” she said.

Physics students from North Olmsted High School participate in the Scrambler Challenge project

Physics students from North Olmsted High School are participating in the Scrambler Challenge project. (Photo courtesy of North Olmsted City Schools)

It is expected that anyone from engineers and car accident investigators to insurance agents and automobile workers may visit Butternut Ridge Road School this month between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m. or during a class period.

The physics teacher said that she would like to have one adult for each of the six groups of students. Anyone interested are asked to fill the online application.

“We haven’t fully developed the requirements for the Scrambler Project Egg car yet,” Drobnak said. “The first car project, they had to move a meter as fast as they could. Some barely moved, so the students’ egos were deflated a bit.

“If we have some more outside help – even someone coming in and giving another piece of information – they can be more successful with their cars and have a greater purpose of doing a better job. Maybe.”

An ideal prospect is a parent with engineering experience; However, Drobnak said such a scenario would be cringe-worthy for some students.

“Some kids will want their parents inside, but the other half will probably be hiding under the table,” Drobnak laughed.

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