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You can do a lot with the click of a mouse. You can do even more with the right click; Edit a photo, copy and paste, unpin an app, print a document, reopen a closed webpage, and more. But how do you do it from your Mac’s trackpad? Modern Macs no longer have physical trackpad buttons to press, so it’s not as easy. You can buy a mouse for your Mac, or you can learn the functionality that’s built right into macOS. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Control-Click With Keyboard

The equivalent of right-clicking in macOS is called Control-click because it involves holding down the Control key on the keyboard and using the trackpad (or mouse) to click, which opens a new context menu. You can click an icon on the Dock to get the option to delete it, click a file to see editing options, or Control-click a web page to reload it.

2. Tap the track with two fingers

Trackpad settings page

You’ll probably need two hands to pull out the Control-click command, so if that’s too difficult, there’s an alternative. By default, you can tap the trackpad with two fingers to perform the same action as a control click.

This feature can be customized if you open it System Preferences and click Trackpad. Be sure Secondary click (Control-click function) is enabled. If you have Tap to click Enabled, you can right-click with two fingers.

3. Right-click the corner of the Trackpad

corner click

If you don’t like the two-finger click option, you can set the angle of the trackpad as the designated right button. Put this under System Preferences > Trackpad By clicking and selecting the secondary click drop-down menu Click in the lower right corner or Click in the lower left corner. Now, instead of using a control key or two fingers, you can simply click on the corner of your chosen trackpad and a right-click menu will appear.

3. Right-click on Accessibility Options

Accessibility settings

For those who need a more affordable option, click here Option + Command + F5 to open the accessibility settings menu. You can click Enable mouse keysThen use it Function + Control + I A shortcut to open a right-click menu for whatever program you currently have selected.

Mouse keys

You can also click Enable accessibility keyboard to add a virtual keyboard to your screen. This way you can click control on this keyboard and click with the mouse where you need the right-click menu.

Bonus: Click Force for more options

Force click

While it’s not the same as right-clicking, Apple’s Force click feature is another way to get more functionality.(opens in a new window) With a simple click. With Force Click, you can tap firmly with one finger (or three) to search for text online, preview links, view files in Quick Look, add dates to Calendar, open App Expose, and more.

To use Force click, you need a MacBook or MacBook Pro 2015 or later, a MacBook Air 2018 or later, or a Magic Trackpad 2. Set it up System Preferences > Trackpad and make sure Search and data detectors and Forced click and haptic feedback is turned on.

Force click options

You can use the drop down arrow below Search, look up Toggle using one finger or three fingers to force click.

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