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The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) is pleased to announce that DLZ has been awarded a $6 million engineering services contract for the South Bend Airport Realignment Project.

The project aims to provide commuters with a faster, safer and more efficient way to travel from South Bend to Chicago. “By rearranging the current station terminus at South Bend Airport, we can reduce distance, eliminate curves and reduce grade crossings. This is an exciting opportunity, and we look forward to welcoming DLZ to this project.” pleased,” said Michael Noland, president of South Shore Line.

The South Shore Line station would be moved from the east side of the South Bend International Airport terminal to its west side, reducing travel time from the airport to Millennium Station in Chicago by 90 minutes.

DLZ’s engineering services will begin with National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) analysis and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) screening in preparation for NICTD to begin seeking federal funding in late 2023. In partnership with subcontractors, they will also carry out the design of the station. and connection to the terminal, as well as the construction of putting the new alignment into service. Full completion of the DLZ engineering plan is scheduled for March 2024.

The South Shore Line is a commuter rail line operated by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) between Millennium Station in downtown Chicago and South Bend International Airport in South Bend, Indiana.


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