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Mutual Fund Houses They were extremely busy in 2022. Fund houses have launched a record number of 149 mutual fund schemes in 2022. The number does not include plans launched in December. In comparison, 117 programs were launched in 2021.

This year has seen many new passive funds come to market, both on the equity and debt side. However, the maximum income went to equity schemes. Active equity schemes and sector funds were the winners this year, according to data from Morningstar. The highest position was taken by SBI Multicap Fund with Rs 8,986.65 crore in the month of its launch. The plan was launched on March 8, 2022.

Two sector funds are number two and three in this list. Both the schemes were from ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. ICICI Prudent Housing Opportunities Fund and ICICI Prudent Transport and Logistics Fund accumulated Rs 3,158.95 crore and Rs 2,401.92 crore in the month of launch. Check out the top 10 schemes that collected the highest amount of income in the month of their creation.

Program name Date of commencement Flows in the opening month – Rs Crs
SBI Multicap Reg Gr 3/8/2022 8,986.65
ICICI Prudential Housing Opps Reg Gr 4/18/2022 3,158.95
ICICI Pru Trsptn & Logistics Reg Gr 10/28/2022 2,401.92
SBI CPSE BP SDL Sep 26 50:50 Reg Gr 1/19/2022 1,732.34
Sundaram Flexi Cap Reg Gr 9/6/2022 1,731.71
HSBC CRISIL IBX 50:50 GPS 0428 Reg 3/31/2022 1,605.83
Baroda BNP Paribas Flexi Cap Reg Gr 8/22/2022 1,480.86
ICICI Prudential PSU Equity Reg Gr 9/12/2022 1,221.21
Franklin India Balanced Advtg Reg Gr 9/6/2022 808.52
Mirae Asset Balanced Advtg Reg Gr 8/12/2022 793.51

Source: MorningstarOn the ETF side, inflows into NFOs have not been large. Of the 149 schemes launched in 2022, 35 are exchange-traded funds or EFAs. The two schemes that managed to collect over Rs 100 crore in the first month were both silver ETFs. The silver ETF category is the newest entrant to the mutual fund industry, with several silver ETFs launched in 2022. Nippon India Silver ETF has inflows of Rs 211.76 crore in the month of its inception. In the second position, ICICI Prudential Silver ETF earned Rs 106.03 crore in its opening month.

The name of the ETF Date of commencement Flows in the opening month – Rs Crs
Nippon India Silver ETF 2/4/2022 211.76
ICICI Prudential Silver ETF 1/24/2022 106.03
Mirae Asset Nifty Midcap 150 ETF 3/9/2022 66.80
Mirae Asset Nifty India Mfg ETF 1/27/2022 63.14
ICICI Prudential Nifty Auto ETF 1/12/2022 60.43
Nippon India Nifty Auto ETF 1/24/2022 34.56
Access Silver ETF 9/21/2022 30.84
HDFC Silver ETF 9/2/2022 21.62
ICICI Pru Nifty 5 Yr Bench G-SEC ETF 3/7/2022 21.49
DSP Silver ETF 8/19/2022 18.74

Source: Morningstar

Mutual fund advisers do not recommend new fund offerings unless the scheme offers something that is not available in the market. Financial planners and advisors say many retail investors have been attracted to NFOs this year and have invested in risky NFOs.


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