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The eye-catching deal on the giant 77-inch LG C2 OLED includes a four-year burn-in warranty (Image: LG)
The eye-catching deal on the giant 77-inch LG C2 OLED includes a four-year burn-in warranty (Image: LG)

The giant 77-inch version of the hugely popular LG C2 was priced at $3,499 when it launched earlier this year. Despite its price tag, OLED TVs are now one of the most popular large screens on the market thanks to another attractive deal. dropped to its most eye-catching sale price yet.

Manufacturers such as LG already include a number of sophisticated precautions in their current OLED TVs, but many current and prospective owners are concerned about burn-in from the static elements typically seen in high-brightness situations. for a very long time. Fortunately, the LG C2’s current contract includes an optional warranty to reassure the risk-averse.

Popular US online retailer Newegg is currently selling the 77-inch LG C2 for just $2,497, making it the TV’s lowest price yet, a $1,000 discount from its original MSRP, or nearly 29 percent. It will go on sale in March 2022. As mentioned earlier, this OLED TV deal includes an extended four-year burn-in warranty. Furthermore, the Newegg offer includes $250. Includes a $10 digital Visa gift card, which is the equivalent of cash for online shoppers.

For more information on the LG C2’s picture quality, check out Rtings’ extensive written review. TV scores 8.9 out of 10. Like all OLED TVs, this 77-inch panel can display perfect black levels and an infinite contrast ratio that conventional LED-backlit sets can’t really compete with. The display’s high 120Hz refresh rate makes it perfect for sports fans and gamers who already own PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series ($239 at Amazon) consoles. Overall, this OLED TV deal might be one of the best deals for shoppers looking to upgrade their home theater for the upcoming holidays.

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