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The 65-inch version of the LG B2 OLED is currently available for a very low price (Image: LG)
The 65-inch version of the LG B2 OLED is currently available for a very low price (Image: LG)

A very attractive coupon code makes the popular LG B2 OLED only $1,139. It’s down to $2,000 off the 65-inch’s original list price of nearly $2,000. 861 US dollars compared to USD. is a huge dollar discount.

The LG B2 is somewhat of an odd place in the company’s 2022 OLED TV lineup, as most enthusiasts are focused on the brighter but pricier LG C2, while budget shoppers may be more interested in the ultra-cheap A2. However, thanks to current OLED TV contracts, the LG B2 may be the sweet spot for casual users who don’t want to miss out on a smoother 120Hz refresh rate.

In particular, the official US online store of the South Korean manufacturer currently offers a large 65-inch version of the LG B2 OLED, which actually supports the most important HDR format known as Dolby Vision, with a frequency of 120 Hz. Only $1,139 when you use coupon code “65B2DEAL” after adding the product to your cart. After its official launch in March of this year, this particular version of the LG B2 was sold for $1,999, which represents a 43% or more than $850 savings on the OLED TV compared to its original MSRP.

Prospective buyers of the LG B2 OLED will want to check out Rtings’ detailed review, where the TV received an impressive 9.0 out of a possible 10. Among other highlights, this OLED panel displays perfect blacks and has an infinite contrast ratio, but it can be up to 700 nits bright in some HDR scenes. The LG B2 unit reviewed by Rtings had perfect blacks, but colors may not be as vivid as more expensive offerings. Still, this OLED TV deal is a great choice for budget-conscious home theater enthusiasts or current-gen console owners who don’t want to spend the extra money on the slightly better LG C2.

Use coupon code “65B2DEAL” at checkout to order the LG B2 OLED for $1,139.

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