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Entering Sunday’s game, it was the perfect opportunity for the Patriots pass rush to gain some traction against a Raiders team that was dangerous defensively against the pass.

Just three weeks earlier, Mack Jones was 28 for 39 for 382 yards against a similarly stingy Minnesota Vikings pass defense.

Instead, Jones and New England had one of the worst passing games of the year by any offense, especially given the opposition and ideal playing conditions. Jones completed 13 of 31 passes (41.9 percent) for 112 yards in the 30-24 loss, a low in his regressive year.

“We just have to do a better job. We ran the ball well. In other games, our percentage was different than it was,” Bill Belichick said Monday morning. “It’s not the standard, but in general, we just have to do a better job.”

how bad was it The Raiders entered the game with 254.5 passing yards per game, which ranked 29th in the NFL. Opponents completed 69.7 percent of passes.

In 13 games before Sunday, the previous low against the Raiders was 222 by Indianapolis’ Matt Ryan. Jones averaged 3.6 yards per pass attempt. In fact, if Jones were to double his yardage total to 224, it would still be lower than 12 other single-game totals against quarterbacks against Vegas this year.

The 112 yards were the 15th fewest by a team in 2022. Most of the branches below him were at quarterback. Jones’ 18 incomplete passes were more than anyone else who threw for 135 yards or less.

It was all in a climate-controlled, windless domed stadium.

Jones’ completion percentage of 41.9 was 26.8 points lower than the Raiders’ average. No one else was below 59.6 against Vegas.

Opponents completed 65% of their red zone opportunities against the Raiders (29th in NFL) and 100% turnovers in 5th. The Patriots got into the red zone once and with the help of a pass interference. Call, had first and goal from the 2. After a one-yard run, Jones threw two incomplete passes and New England settled for a field goal.

On third downs, opponents converted 43.21% of the time. It was 26th in the league. The Patriots were 2-for-13 (15.4 percent) overall and completed two of seven passes on third down, only one of which resulted in a first down.

It was the worst completion percentage of Jones’ career and his fewest yards since he threw for just 13 yards (3-for-6) before Bailey Zapp sacked him against the Bears. The only other time he totaled fewer passing yards in a game was last year’s whirlwind sweep at Buffalo, when he completed two of three passes for 19 yards in a dominating win over the Bills.


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