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December 19, 2022

Collage of 2022 graduates posing for the camera

Mizzou engineers graduated Friday with the technical and foundational skills needed to solve some of society’s most pressing challenges. Dean Noah Mannering and Provost Lata Ramchand awarded 175 degrees beginning Winter 2022.

During his remarks, Manning thanked the graduates for being part of the college’s 150-year legacy.

“Thank you for your contribution,” he said. “Contribution through service to student organizations, through your work to advance research, and through the ideas and input you share in the classroom.”

Now, he said, it’s time for each graduate to decide the rest of their stories. What they choose will shape not only their future but also the future chapters of our world.

“Because, engineers, you are on the front lines of some of society’s greatest challenges,” Mannering said.

In particular, biological and biomedical engineers will solve medical problems, he said. Chemical engineers will develop solutions around sustainable food and products. Civil engineers will be tasked with overhauling roads, bridges and infrastructure. Industrial engineers will improve supply chain and operations. Mechanical engineers are on the front lines of testing and implementing energy-efficient systems and machines. And electrical engineers, computer scientists and information technology graduates will all play a vital role in ensuring technological development is not only smart but also ethical.

“Class of 2022, you will be the generation ushering in a new era in several key areas,” Mannering said. “Where others see challenges, I encourage you to look for opportunities. Focus on solutions instead of problems. And when you do, you will be writing a story that will inspire generations to come.”

extra respect

During commencement Mizzou Engineering also recognized newly commissioned Air Force, Army and Navy officers from the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). they are:

  • Alexander Buechter, US Air Force, Second Lieutenant; mechanical Engineering
  • Powell Buechter, US Air Force, Second Lieutenant, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sam Kaplan, US Army, Second Lieutenant; mechanical Engineering
  • Luke D. Ridder, US Navy, Navy Ensign; Electrical engineering

Faculty and Staff Awards

Prior to commencement, students are given the opportunity to vote for outstanding faculty and staff members. This spring, the following were recognized:

  • Biomedical and Biological Engineering Assistant Professor Robert Thoman
  • Chemical Engineering Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor Reginald Rogers Jr.
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Brent Rosenblad
  • Computer Science Associate Professor Michael. Jurczyk
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Teaching Professor Ekinkan Uphuktepe
  • Information Technology Associate Professional Practice Professor Chip Gubera
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Chair and Professor James Noble
  • Craig Kluwer, Director and Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate Studies
  • Career Services Coordinator Anh Nguyen
  • Academic Advisor Teri Pinheiro

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