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Microsoft has announced a new feature designed to improve the new Outlook Mac experience. While the difference between Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows is pretty obvious, especially when it comes to features, the Mac client is starting to catch up. Last year, Microsoft added support for more types of email accounts to the client, including iCloud and Yahoo accounts.

Since the launch of the new Outlook for Mac experience, its users have been unable to save files to local folders, which was possible when using classic Outlook. Likewise, the ability to migrate your local data files from classic Outlook to the new Outlook was not available.

And now, Microsoft has added both capabilities to the new Outlook for Mac after receiving many requests from users, making it easier for users to save their files in local folders and even move them from classic Outlook to the new Outlook.

However, there are two known issues with these new features. The first is that users will only be able to migrate messages, contacts, and appointments from classic Outlook to the new Outlook. Local tasks and notes will not be included. Next, while it’s possible to migrate a local personal distribution list from classic Outlook, you won’t be able to use it in the new Outlook yet, although Microsoft is currently working on adding support.

To access this feature, you must be part of the Office Insiders program and running version 16.68 (Build 22111400) or later. Let us know what you think about these features below.

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