“Meta’s Metaverse Is A Badly Built Game,” Xbox Head Says

Xbox head Phil Spencer has been rather negative about the metaverse. He calls it a poorly built game and he doesn’t understand why it’s built to look like a living room. “That’s not how I want to spend my time,” he says.

Badly built video game

Now he is certainly not the only one who is totally unimpressed by Horizon Worlds, the metaverse of Meta. The company’s own employees hardly even seem to enter this virtual world. Mark Zuckerberg isn’t happy about that, all the negativity surrounding the metaverse. At the same time, he says he didn’t expect people to be so busy with it: “I thought we had another five years.” He still wants to take those five years to build his vision, his metaverse, the way it should be.

Good news, but Phil Spencer doesn’t like it all yet, but during the WSJ Live event, the Xbox boss indicated that these are still the early days and that things will change. Still, we wonder if he really means that. He has quite a strong criticism of something that the metaverse in question consists almost exclusively of: spaces. This is partly because Horizon Worlds is now mainly marketed as a kind of business tool for holding online meetings.

Horizon Worlds

It’s not being rolled out at a rapid pace and it’s not really a very large network of all environments yet: it’s basically what Spencer says so far: a video game. It is fairly well defined, when it should be a metaverse, of all kinds of different locations. On the other hand, it is difficult to form a picture: Horizon Worlds is not yet out in the Netherlands, but only in English-speaking countries. In any case, everything we’ve heard so far is not very positive.

The problem with this is that the attention for this metaverse will remain there for a while, while the developers really need time. It’s like a game has already been released at the stage where development has just started. That gives people the wrong idea of ​​what it should be. Especially in today’s society where people generally have an attention span of 3 seconds, such a long time might be disastrous. Probably Meta would have done better to keep this project to herself for another year or two, because this does little good for the reputation of the brand.

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