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Despite criticism over the past few weeks of Mack Jones showing frustration during games, Patriots offensive coordinator Matt Patricia shared that he’s not far from condemning the quarterback for showing his emotions.

The Patriots’ season was unique. The long list of changes they made continues as the weeks go by. From coaching staff departures and hires to problematic play-calling to players who haven’t been quiet about sharing their feelings with the media, it hasn’t been a typical year for New England.

Because of the challenges this year, emotions showed during the games, especially with Jones. While it’s not unusual to see an opponent react with some intensity during a game, Jones has been heavily criticized for what some have referred to as “outbursts” over the past month.

But how do coaches feel about the quarterback’s passion?

Given that the consensus is that his anger stems from his disconnection with Patricia, it has been suggested that Jones’ behavior in the game should be countered. But speaking to the media on Tuesday, Patricia shared that she feels quite the opposite.

“It’s a super passionate game, isn’t it? We love this game. We put a lot into it. we are working. We always care. We’re trying to win, so I love it all. That’s all – you just care. You really care. Me and Mac – I know he wants to win and he’s doing his best, as we all are. So that’s all great. “

Some may take what the coach says and take it with a grain of salt, especially knowing how the Patriots operate with keeping their true feelings behind closed doors. But Patricia’s response to Jones’ intensity didn’t stop there.

During his nearly twenty-year career in the NFL, the former defensive coordinator worked with many greats. He’s seen his fair share of controversy and drama over the years, most of which make some of Jones’ explanations pale in comparison. Patricia even listed some emotional players, comparing Jones’ love of the game to some of the Patriots’ greats.

“I used to train in some pretty awesome rooms. I’ve been around some pretty big players over the years, and those guys have a passion for gaming like Mac. Love to see these things. You’re always just trying to make sure that you’re directing it in a way that it’s going to help everybody get better in those moments… Now go through some pretty fiery guys, don’t forget. Teddy Brusky, Junior Sue, Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinest – were great players. Mac is one of those guys that just loves to play, so I love it. “

If the coach who works with him the most has no problem with what he’s doing and his teammates continue to support him, then it doesn’t seem like an issue worth discussing here.

As the team prepares for the toughest stretch of its schedule to end the season while also fighting to make the playoffs, it might be the right time for Jones to take a dig at himself and his teammates. Players are tired and injured at this stage of the season and need the team to continue to rally around each other. Jones could be that guy for the Patriots going forward.


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