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2022 is at the end. Like last year, this year many mutual fund companies have merged and now Tata Group has come up with a big plan.

Tata Mutual Fund plans to buy majority stake in UTI AMC

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Mergers and acquisitions of several companies in 2022 (Mergers and acquisitions by 2022) This has happened, but many funds have merged into the mutual fund category. Now in the year By the end of 2022, the Tata Group Tata Mutual Fund Another mutual fund has also started acquisition talks. Let’s see how the mutual fund sector has changed in 2022 (Year Ender) in…

However, 2021 ended with the acquisition of a major mutual fund company. Then Sundaram Mutual Fund Sundaram Mutual Fund My main mutual fund (Master Mutual Fund) control

Tata plans this

According to an ET report, Tata Mutual Fund has initiated the final stage of negotiations to buy a majority stake in UTI AMC. If all goes well, Tata Mutual Fund will soon have a large stake in UTI AMC. It could also be the last addition to this class in 2022, or it could be completed early next year.

Mutual fund merger in 2022

Merger Agreement of Sundaram Mutual Fund and Master Mutual Fund It will be completed by the end of 2021, but will only come into effect in early 2022. HSBC AMC he said L&T Investment Management The acquisition is expected to close in November 2022. The deal was finalized for $425 million.

L&T Investment Management, a subsidiary of L&T Finance Holdings, manages L&T’s mutual fund schemes, which now HSBC Mutual Fund Integrated with the project.

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Another mutual fund merger took place in 2022. Bandhan Bank Group Group of leading companies IDFC AMC The acquisition offer was accepted. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and SEBI (SEBI) He approved the power request. This deal can be worth 4500 rupees.


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