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World Championships: Maggie McNeil, Ryan Murphy give best swimmers

The 2022 world short course world record has fallen in an exciting week of swimming from Melbourne, Australia.

There were plenty of stellar performances, individually and in relays. But the swimmers of the meet went to Canada Maggie Mac Neal and the USA Ryan Murphy.

Murphy covered three backstrokes, becoming the first swimmer to ever achieve the feat at the World Short Course Championships.

In addition, Murphy won gold medals in the 400 medley relay and 200 medley relay, as well as silver in the men’s 200 medley relay, giving him five gold medals and one silver.

He won the 100 back in 48.50, a championship record. He won the 50 back in 22.64 and the 200 in 1:41.41.

Mac Neal won gold medals in the 50 backstroke, 50 butterfly and 100 butterfly. It united the US Tori Huske 24.64 for the 50 butterfly title. Mack Neal then won the 50 backstroke in a world record time of 25.25. He completed his individual performances with gold in the 100 butterfly in 54.05, another world record.

He also shared bronze medals for Canada at the World Championships in the 400 freestyle relay, 400 medley relay and 200 medley relay.

Mack Neal had the highest individual swimming score with a 1030 for his 100 butterfly. He also had the fourth-best 1,002 on the 50 backstroke. With 18th in the 50 butterfly, she had the highest FINA points total of the meet.

The highest score was in men’s solo swimming Chad Le Clos In the 200 butterfly, he scored 999 FINA points. But Murphy had the highest score of the entire meet.


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