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There is good news for those interested in studying engineering at Madison College.

College officials have signed an updated transfer agreement with UW-Platteville that will expand engineering offerings for students. The new agreement adds UW-Platteville’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering to existing offerings at Madison College.

“This agreement strengthens the already deep partnership between Madison College and UW-Platteville, who have found creative and strategic ways to bridge the boundaries between higher education systems and institutions,” said Madison College Provost Dr. Turina Bakken said. “For our collective students, it provides a clear path toward graduation, or higher, in the exciting world of engineering.”

Madison College is an official UW-Platteville Engineering Partnerships (UW-PEP) site. Designed for working adults and students unable to move to Platteville, UW-PEP provides students with the opportunity to complete their degrees in mechanical, electrical – and now industrial and systems – engineering through a unique delivery model , which includes both online courses. and practical laboratory experience.

“The University of Wisconsin-Platteville is very pleased to expand our partnership with Madison College,” said UW-Platteville Interim Chancellor Dr. Tammy Avetovich. “Location-constrained students and working adults will now have greater access to our flagship engineering programs. This latest agreement with Madison College proves that when we work together with our educational partners, we can really make a difference and can strengthen the workforce of the state.

This latest agreement comes on the heels of three new transfer agreements between the institutions that were finalized this fall, including business management, construction management and criminal justice.

For more information about Madison College’s engineering careers and the UW-Platteville partnership, please visit this webpage or call (608) 246-6100.


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