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Another issue that many users face when they upgrade their Macs to macOS Ventura is related to Spotlight Search. For many Mac users, not being able to get this feature to work properly can be frustrating because it’s such a useful tool. The good news is that there are a few fixes you can try to get Spotlight Search working again in macOS Ventura.

Mac Spotlight Search is a very useful macOS feature

For those unfamiliar, the Mac Spotlight Search feature is the built-in search engine in macOS and iOS. The feature helps you quickly find apps, documents, emails, and other items on your Mac. And with Siri Suggestions enabled, the feature also gives you news, sports scores, weather, stock prices and more. It can perform calculations and conversions.

Because of its usefulness, it’s no wonder that many Mac users are frustrated when Spotlight Search stops working after upgrading to macOS Ventura. Most of those who have encountered the problem report that they do not see any results after switching on Spotlight Search.

To resolve macOS Ventura Spotlight Search not working issue, follow the steps below. But first, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your Mac’s Spotlight Search might stop working

What causes macOS Ventura Spotlight Search to stop working?

Several reasons can cause macOS Ventura’s Spotlight Search not to work on your computer. We have listed the three most common reasons and how they can be solved.

  1. The first possible reason why Mac Spotlight Search stopped working properly is that the indexing process has stopped. To resolve this issue:
    • Take it terminal statement.
    • type sudo mdutil -i on /
    • Enter your password. This terminal command will solve many problems in the indexing process.
  2. Another possible reason why Mac Spotlight Search stops working on macOS Ventura is due to problems with the Spotlight preferences files. To fix this:
    • Open it finder.
    • Click on it Go to > Go to folder.
    • come in ~/Library/Preferences in the dialog and press of return.
    • Delete the file
    • Restart your Mac Spotlight to reset priority files.
  3. A third possible reason why Mac Spotlight search stops working on macOS Ventura is a corrupted system file. To fix this you will need a Disk Utility Repair or possibly reinstall macOS Ventura.

How to fix Spotlight Search not working in macOS Ventura

There are several possible fixes for the Spotlight Search not working macOS Ventura issue. This includes switching Spotlight Search results, forcing the indexing process to stop, creating a new user, re-enabling indexing, re-indexing Spotlight search with the help of System parametersand re-indexing through terminal.

Follow the steps below to do any of these possible solutions.

Toggle Spotlight search results

One recommended fix for Spotlight Search not working on macOS Ventura is to toggle Spotlight search results. Below are the steps to perform this possible fix.

  1. Go System parameters.
  2. Select Siri & Spotlight from the sidebar.
  3. Mark all folders that Spotlight Search does not search or display search results.Spotlight Search does not work on macOS Ventura
  4. Restart your Mac and check the folders you deleted in the previous step.
  5. Try it Spotlight search several times to confirm it is still working properly

Force exit corespotlightd process

If toggling Spotlight search results doesn’t solve your problem, you can try forcing it to quit corespotlightd process. This process ensures that Spotlight Search works properly by indexing your Mac’s hard drive. Follow below steps to force exit Corespotlightd process.

  1. Open it Activity monitor by leaving Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.
  2. search Corespotlightd In the top right search box.
  3. Select the process, click x icon and select give up
  4. Check if macOS Ventura Spotlight Search is working properly.

Create a new user

Another option that might solve your macOS Ventura Spotlight Search not working problem is to create a new user. This will create a new Spotlight index on your Mac. With the new index, Mac Spotlight Search may work properly again. To create a new user on your Mac, follow the steps below.

  1. Go System parameters and select users and groups from the sidebar.
  2. Click on it Add an account (You must enter your administrator password)
  3. Select standard Under New Account.
  4. Fill in the rest of the user details and click Create a user.
  5. Sign in to your Mac using a new account and check if Mac Spotlight Search is working properly.

Restart the indexing process

Another possible process you can try is to re-enable Spotlight Search indexing. This may solve the problem by updating the basic settings of the feature. To re-enable indexing, open Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

Now, type sudo mdutil -i on /then hit of return. Now try to check if Mac Spotlight Search is working properly.

Reindex Spotlight via System Preferences

One reason why Mac Spotlight Search doesn’t work in macOS Ventura is due to corrupted or outdated files. To fix this, you should consider deleting the Spotlight indexing database and repopulating it from scratch. You can do this by following the steps below.

  1. Go System parameters and select Siri & Spotlight from the sidebar.
  2. Scroll down and select Spotlight privacy.
  3. Select the folder and click minus icon.
  4. press + plus icon and add the folder again.
  5. Allow some time for the process to re-index the folder.
  6. Check if Mac Spotlight Search is still working properly in macOS Ventura.

Reindex through the Spotlight Terminal application

If re-indexing Spotlight data through System Preferences still fails, you can try re-indexing through the Terminal app. Please note that unlike re-indexing via system settings, this time you will not be able to select a specific data folder to re-index. Terminal app re-indexing will apply to all data on your Mac. So the process may take some time. Still, it’s worth a try if other methods haven’t solved your macOS Ventura not working problem.

  1. Run the Terminal app from Applications > Utilities.
  2. Type the command sudo weak -E /
  3. Wait for the re-indexing process to complete.
  4. Check if Mac Spotlight Search is still working properly.

It is. Hopefully, following one or all of these steps will resolve your issues with macOS Ventura Spotlight search not working on your device. Please let us know if you have any other method to solve this problem in the comments below.

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