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macOS Ventura arrived a month after iOS 16, bringing many of the major features to the Mac. From popular iOS apps now available on macOS to updates to Messages, Mail, and more, here are 5 handy iOS 16 features that have made their way to Mac.

Classic iOS apps now on macOS

Two of Apple’s main apps from iOS are now conveniently available on your Mac.


The watch comes with a very similar layout to the iPhone and iPad and includes all four functions – world clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer.

The neat detail about Mac timers is that they automatically appear in the menu bar at startup.

Clock and weather apps on macOS Ventura features


For the Mac weather app, your current and other saved locations are on the left, with the main screen displaying the current temperature and conditions, plus high/low in the top center.

Below is the hourly, 10-day, radar forecast, followed by a clean grid of more detailed information such as air quality, UV index, sunset, wind, feel, humidity and more.

You can click the sidebar button near the top-left corner to skip the list of locations and make the most of the weather app’s interface.

iMessage flexibility

Two useful features first introduced with iOS 16, now available with macOS Ventura, are the ability to send and edit iMessages.

However, accessing it is different than on iPhone and iPad. On a Mac, right-click an iMessage to get editing and unsend options.

macOS Ventura has unsend and edit notifications

The same rules apply to Macs as they do to iPhones and iPads.

  • Unsend works up to 2 minutes after sending
  • Edits work up to 15 minutes after submission and are limited to a total of 5 edits, with changes visible to the person you’re chatting with

Mail updates

Like Messages, Apple’s Mail app in macOS Ventura gets an unsend option, but you have much less time to use it. The default setting is 10 seconds for a button press.

  • After sending an email, look at it in the lower left corner of the Mail app
  • You can set the Do Not Send option to last up to 30 seconds by going to Mail Settings > Compose > Cancel Send Delay
macOS Ventura has a Mail application

Another handy addition to the Mail app is the ability to schedule outgoing mail for a future time.

  • Click the drop-down arrow next to the Submit button to view the options

Stage Manager isn’t just for iPad

While much of the Stage Manager talk revolves around the iPad implementation, the Mac is included in the new macOS Monterey multitasking interface experience.

To use it:

  1. Click on it control center icon in the top-right corner of your Mac (double pill icons)
  2. Click Stage Manager Near the top right
Stage manager on Mac Ventura

For a deeper dive into the feature, check out our hands-on coverage.

Seamlessly use iPhone as your Mac webcam

Twelve South HoverBar Duo iPhone Continuity Camera

Continuity Camera arrived with iOS 16 and macOS Ventura and means you can use your fantastic iPhone camera as a Mac webcam.

It works wirelessly and supports use in both native and third-party apps, including video calling in web browsers.

How to use a continuity camera

  1. Running iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, check it out WiFi and Bluetooth enabled For both your Mac and iPhone
  2. Make sure your Mac and iPhone are signed in Same using Apple ID and 2FA (per Apple)
  3. By default, Continuity Camera is turned on – but you can make sure by going to your iPhone’s Settings app > General > AirPlay & Handoff > Continuity Camera
    • Turn it off and on again if you’re having trouble connecting your iPhone to your Mac
  4. Bring your iPhone close to your Mac When you launch FaceTime, Photo Booth, Zoom, or any other app that can use the camera (including video services in web browsers)
  5. Your Mac should automatically switch to using your iPhone’s rear camera
  6. If it doesn’t automatically use your iPhone camera, click the video preferences for whatever app you’re using and choose your iPhone from the list (you can also use your iPhone microphone)
    • Or as mentioned above, turn the continuity camera off and then on again

To dive deeper into Continuity Camera, check out our full guide to the new feature.

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