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Mack Jones didn’t have it with New England Patriots offensive lineman Matt Patricia today.

It was no laughing matter for ole Gigglemeister Mack Jones as the New England Patriots quarterback went wild after Matt Patricia and the rest of the offensive coaching staff decided to call a timeout. The worst possible time.

People are throwing a lot of things at the Patriots these days, from batteries to snowballs to other things that Buffalo Bills fans know all too well… however, the points these days are primitive when Jones is fouled. We know Bill Belichick runs the defense, but how can you trust a play caller who puts a 2nd pencil behind his ear when his play sheet is laminated?

Then, calling a timeout, he denied Jones’ pass to Jacoby Meyers from one yard out…

It’s clear that Jones and Patricia are best friends, as Jones’ body language jumps off the screen.

Jones refused to make eye contact with Patricia as if she were a Foxboro jellyfish or a basilisk slithering through the bowels of one Patriot’s seat.

If Patricia is Basilisk, does that mean Bill Belichick is the heir of Slytherin? You already know…

Mack Jones is not going to invite Matt to Patricia’s birthday after that

The Patriots trailed the Las Vegas Raiders 17-3 at halftime in Week 15. Yes, the game may be on the road, but this is the same Raiders team led by Patricia’s quasi-offensive frontman Josh McDaniels, the same man. who lost out to Jeff Saturday in his interim coaching debut with the Indianapolis Colts. Saturday was 33 points ahead of its equivalent day…

Jones may have played college football for the most prominent Belichick disciple of all time in Alabama head coach Nick Saban, but we’re not in Tuscaloosa anymore, Dorothy. Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, is where the Bills sit atop the AFC East standings. They have Josh Allen, the Patriots don’t. This is what happens when you’re half awake in your fake evil empire…

You can’t tiptoe through Sin City with diamond slippers. Pirates, raiders if you will, will loot such things from the chest of the dead. This dead man is the ghost of Tom Brady, the man who made the Patriots more relevant than anyone else, dead or alive. Naturally, Patricia has our heads spinning right, baby, like a record, baby, after this latest shenanigans.

The eyes can only roll so many times in your head before they just get stuck like that.


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