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It was a rough weekend for the New England Patriots. However, QB Mac Jones still has confidence in the team’s ability to bounce back and finish the season strong.

Mc Jones
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The New England Patriots You may have experienced one of these The most humiliating loss in NFL history this weekend. They dropped the ball – both literally and figuratively – and went home empty-handed after a hard-fought battle. Las Vegas Raiders.

It seems that Bill Belichick The team cannot catch a break this season. Their physical and pesky defense hasn’t been as dominant as usual and their offense has been pretty inconsistent all year.

But even though all is not as it seems, Second-year quarterback Mack Jones Still confident in his team’s ability to overcome all this adversity and end the season on a high note.

NFL News: Mack Jones says Patriots won’t collapse

“I feel like we have a very mature group of people. We all play for each other, which is the most important part.” Jones told the Boston Herald about it. “You have to follow the process and the profits will come. This is great advice from Slater; Just get together.”

“We could break a lot of things, but we’re not going to.” The QB continued. “We’re going to come together and finish as strong as we can. That starts this week.”

The Pats won’t give up that easily

The Pats face a tough challenge next week as they face the Red-Hot Cincinnati Bengals. Still, Jones insists they’ll be ready to go out there and compete at the highest level:

“Yeah, I think it’s the mentality. It’s all part of your mental game. Win or lose, how will you fare next week?” Jones asked. “Some weeks are harder than others, but this one especially. (So ​​we should) just flip the switch and just scroll. Now we go next week. It’s the same process every week.”

The Pats sit at 7-7 and can’t afford another setback if they want to make the playoffs. They are currently tied airplanes and follows dolphins, But jaguars, Raiders, Browns, and Steelers They also close with them.


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