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Bill Belichick said the Patriots didn’t throw the final play in Sunday’s loss because it was too far. Mc Jones doesn’t think so.

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Mack Jones hasn’t been afraid to show his emotions in recent weeks.

The Patriots’ game plan was to pass the ball to Ramondre Stevenson and play overtime on the final play of Sunday’s loss to the Raiders.

Instead, Stevenson sent an onside pass to Jacoby Meyers, who tried to throw the ball to Mack Jones. Las Vegas’ Chandler Jones caught the ball, strong-armed Mack Jones and ran for a touchdown in one of the most memorable plays in recent NFL history.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick said after the game that they didn’t attempt a pass in the end zone because he didn’t think Mack Jones could throw the ball that far.

Asked if the shooting was too far during an appearance on WEEI’s “Merloni, Fauria, & Mego” Monday afternoon, Mack Jones said:

“No, I think we obviously have a plan in this situation,” Jones said. “Obviously you have to think about everything in this situation and that’s what he did. This is his job and he has been doing it for a long time. Whatever the play, I’m going to run and do the best I can. If it was a Hail Mary, it was a Hail Mary. If it was a run, it was a run.”

Jones said there are more factors at play in this situation than just arm strength.

He also said there is a lot to fix for the Patriots beyond the final game.

“They are [Meyers and Stevenson] Both super competitive guys and so am I,” Jones said. “It doesn’t come down to the last game. When you watch the film, there are so many things we could have done better that it didn’t even get to this point.”


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