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Jacoby Meyers has faced heavy criticism this week. Mack Jones likes how he handles it.

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Jacoby Meyers made a mistake when he caught Ramondre Stevenson’s onside pass and proceeded to throw the ball toward Mack Jones on the final play of New England’s loss to Las Vegas on Sunday.

The play ended with Jones on the wrong end of the arm and the Patriots on the wrong end of one of the most embarrassing plays in franchise history.

And Meyers owned it. He did not shy away from criticism. He asked questions of his locker after the game and vowed to learn from his mistakes.

That’s the kind of responsibility Jones appreciates, the quarterback told reporters Wednesday.

“I’m just proud that he’s responding,” Jones said. “That’s what football is. Sometimes when things don’t go your way, you just have to bounce back. I really look at him as a great leader on our team. So he sets a great example. Now we’re just getting ready for this big week. He’s done a good job. “

Jones said Meyers is a routine-oriented person, just like him. He said the routine hasn’t changed much with the heavy criticism Myers has faced this week.

“We just, no matter what happened a week ago, we’re running the same schedule,” Jones said. “I see him at the same time every day, and everything on his day off.” So he is a very routine person. He won’t let the results affect his performance. He’s going to tear it down and do whatever he can to help the team, as he’s done since he’s been here.”

Jones, on the other hand, has played on emotional responses in recent weeks. He was asked if he thinks he needs to be more careful so he doesn’t appear to be showing off the coaches.

“I think that’s a big part of the game, playing with passion and emotion. I think the best players on every team do that,” Jones said. “You can’t let it affect your next game, that’s the biggest thing. which does not have It’s all about fixing things found in the game, right? So sometimes when they happen again, we just want to fix them and move on to the next game. It’s something that really – that’s who I am and that’s how I’ve always been. I want to be a great teammate, but I can be and be a leader.”

Jones said the biggest thing in his frustration is the desire to fix the execution details, something the Patriots have struggled with this season.

He still has a lot of work to do to improve his body language and outbursts.

“You want to show positivity, too,” Jones said. “When we’re doing well, I try to do it. We want to do more things well and try to improve what we are working on. That’s all you can do. This is a game. It shows you care. I think we have guys on our team that care. I’m definitely interested. So it’s important to me. “


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